Telemundo’s José Guzman talks with Miguel Camacho, M.D. of CHC about topics around COVID-19 02-23-2021

February 23, 2021

Telemundo’s own José Guzman takes time to discuss topics related to COVID-19 and vaccinations in the latin communities with Dr. Miguel Camacho of Community Health Centers of the Central Coast. This video is in Spanish with English transcription.

English Transcription:
Dear Central Coast Viewers. Thank you very much for continuing to be in tune today, we welcome Dr. Miguel Camacho to the Telemundo Central Coast newscast.  Dr. Camacho, is a specialist in family medicine at Community Health Centers of Central Coast CHC which are located in northern Santa Barbara County, and throughout San Luis Obispo County as well. Dr. Miguel Camacho thank you very much for joining us today

Nice to be with you José. How are you?

Thank you very much, very good, thank God, very good in health. Today we are going to provide important information related to our health and the COVID19 vaccine. Doctor there are many doubts about the vaccine. There are people who are afraid to get vaccinated and there is good data that tells us that in the state of California the corona virus has claimed the lives of more than 45,000 people. Why is it so important that we all consider getting the vaccine against covid19?

Ah yes, look there are almost 46,000 deaths now and every day it is increasing. According to the center for disease control and prevention of the United States they recommend using a mask to prevent infection, avoid places where there are many people gathered, and social distancing. Now that the vaccine is available to vaccinate ourselves it is very important to follow all these guidelines. I think it is one of the few responsibilities that we all have to prevent this disease is by vaccinating ourselves.

Thank you very much doctor. The Hispanic community has been strongly affected by the corona virus, both in positive cases and also in deaths. We have lost many people because of the corona virus. You as a doctor, what advice can you give our Hispanic families? To help them get vaccinated against covid19 as soon as possible? Because we know that there is a process and there are also shortages of vaccines.

Indeed, there are many social factors that determine that Hispanics are highly affected than others and that is one of the main reasons why we Hispanics should decide to get vaccinated against the corona virus. if we vaccinate, the virus does not replicate in our body. We will not pass it onto other people and virus will not change nor mutate.

Excellent that is something important that you just mentioned is the mutation of this virus. So people should consider getting vaccinated. Now Doctor there are many people who are afraid to get vaccinated against COVID-19. How safe are vaccines and why we should not be afraid doctor to get vaccinated against the corona virus?

These vaccines have been studied in the United States, and the United States is a country that does not allow the population to use a medicine or a vaccine if it is not approved. It is not like other vaccines that there has been time to prepare them or study them a longer period of time. This has been approved for emergency use and it has been proven that it is at least 90% effective. It is true that there may be side effects but like anything else and or other medications it is possible. The more common side effects of the vaccine may be pain in the arm, and some chills. Those usually go away within 1-2 days but apart from that I have not seen anything serious. “Get vaccinated!”

Excellent doctor. Now do you, Doctor Miguel Camacho have some other advice that you would like to share with our viewers today regarding the COVID-19 vaccine?

Look, in my clinical practice I always like to allow my patients to make their own decisions. Everyone has the right to say yes or no. If a person decides not to take the vaccine, I always respect their decision. That is very important. Now if my patient asks me if I would get the vaccine myself or give it to my family, I would say “yes, Of course.”

Excellent, good, and also Doctor, the time will come when the majority of the population will have access to the vaccine. Although at present time, only health workers, and people over a certain age group are eligible. Where can current patients as well as future patients of Central Coast Community Health Centers find more information about the health services that CHC offers to the community?

Ah, the most important thing is to go to the portal on the internet. It is also important that the viewers know that each county, for example Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, have their own portals as well. Their centers have portals in these counties so that they have information where they can get the vaccine.

Doctor Miguel Camacho from the CHC Health Centers, thank you very much for this information that you give us this Friday. Friends, viewers, as recommended by Dr. Camacho on our screen we have the portal of the department of public health of the county of San Luis Obispo (links listed below). We also have the portal address of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and also the address of the Central Coast Community Health Centers – CHC portal where you can receive more information on other health subjects. Dr. Miguel Camacho we will be looking forward to seeing you next Friday with more information regarding our health. Well wishes to you and all the CHC staff for the magnificent work and services you provide to the community here on the Central Coast.

San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department
Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
CHC Patient Portal

Thank you, take care!

Thank you doctor, to you friends, and viewers, thank you for your attention. Have a good night and a good weekend!

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