Telemundo’s José Guzman talks with Emilia Ambrosio, M.D. of CHC about topics around COVID-19

March 20, 2021

Here is another video interview installment with Telemundo’s own José Guzman. This week Jose talks about COVID-19 and vaccinations in the latin communities with Dr. Emilia Ambrosio of Community Health Centers of the Central Coast. This video is in Spanish with English transcription below.

English Transcription:
Thank you friends, for continuing with us and watching our program.  We welcome you to our interview segment of our Telemundo newscast from the Central Coast. Today we welcome Dr. Emilia Ambrosio from the CHC Health Clinics with us via video call from the CHC clinic in the Nipomo community. Doctor Ambrosio thank you very much for joining us.

Thank you very much for the invitation José.

Fellow viewer friends we have very good information for you today.  Common questions that the public have asked us to ask Dr. Ambrosio today.  Dr. Ambrosio, who is a family medicine doctor, will answer some of these questions. Doctor, what are the more frequent side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

The most frequent side effects after a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine is redness, swelling, and or pain in the area where the vaccine is applied. But, can also experience headaches, body aches, chills, fatigue, nausea, and fever.  These effects usually last between one or two days. And if the person experiences any of these symptoms they can take medications such as Tylenol or Motrin.

Very good thanks Doctor. Now if I’ve already had COVID-19 and I have overcome and recovered the illness, should I consider getting vaccinated against COVID-19 again or perhaps I meant to say for the first time?

Yes, if a person who has already had the infection it is recommended, that they still be vaccinated because at this moment it is not known for how long a person who has already been infected can be protected and or can be re-infected.

There are thousands of people on the Central Coast who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have already recovered, so listen to Dr. Ambrosio’s advice and consider getting vaccinated against COVID-19.  Now Doctor, can get vaccinated against COVID-19 if I currently have a COVID infection?

No, it is not recommended to be vaccinated when a person has the active disease.  It is recommended to wait until all the symptoms have gone away, and mainly you have gone through the recommended quarantine phase which is about two weeks.

Very well, now we are also going to applaud that you are using your mask despite the fact that we are doing this interview via video chat at a distance.  Is it important that I continue to use my mask and avoid close contact with other people if I have already received the full dose of the vaccine?  Should I continue using my mask? Or can I remove it? What do you recommend?

A person who has already been fully vaccinated does not have to wear a mask. You have already complied with all your COVID-19 immunizations, you do not have to wear a mouth mask if you are in contact with other people who are also fully vaccinated.  You do have to continue using the mask when you are in public places or in poorly ventilated places.

Very good, thank you for that information, Dr. Ambrosio, now we are going to change the subject a little and we are going to talk to pregnant women. Can a pregnant person be vaccinated against COVID-19?

A pregnant person can be vaccinated.  There is no evidence at this time that the vaccine, with the antibodies produced by the COVID-19 vaccine could cause problems with the pregnancy.

Very good doctor. Thank you very much for that information. Is there any other advice that would like to share with our viewers today?

I want to invite all the people, including all the Hispanics to be encouraged to get vaccinated.  To protect themselves, protect their loved ones.  The more people we vaccinate, the sooner we will return to the life we ​​had before and all if we are all vaccinated, we are all protected.

Excellent advice, friends, viewers, hope you have listened to the advice that Dr. Emilia Ambrosio, a family medicine doctor for the CHC health clinics in the Nipomo community has provided us today.  Thank you very much for the information you provided us

Thank you.

Friends on the screen (listed below) is the address of the CHC clinics website. If you require more information about any of the health services offered by this non-profit organization on the central coast, Please visit the portal to find out about all their services. We again appreciate the participation of Dr. Emilia Ambrosio and we look forward to seeing you next Friday, with more information.

Thanks, have a very good evening, friends and viewers and an excellent weekend until Monday.

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Thank you doctor, to you friends, and viewers, thank you for your attention. Have a good night and a good weekend!

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