March 21, 2023
Mark Cross, PA

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Mark Cross, PA sees patients as a Physician Assistant via Telehealth appointments. Mark completed his Physician Assistant Certification at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado, his Master in Social Work at Wayne State University, and his Bachelor of Science at Michigan State University. He has a certificate of added qualifications through the National Commission on the Computer Certification of Physician Assistant.

His desire to help others and relieve pain and suffering prompted him to get into healthcare. He chose to work at a community health center to help those who have difficulty helping themselves, primarily the disenfranchised and lower income. Mark wants his patients to know that he is truly here to help them – not just assuming a role, rather he is genuinely interested in their welfare.

Mark core messages and key health takeaways he wants his patients to remember are:

  1. You help yourself by helping other people
    2. Ultimately, discipline pays off
    3. A general principle in life is: the choices we make (or don’t make) result in consequences as a product of those choices

His hobbies include a passion for physical fitness and good, ethnic food.

A fun fact about Mark Cross is he will never turn down the opportunity to engage in: a physical activity that has been offered to him and will always have time for a word of cheer, an appropriate joke and has a desire to hear about the struggles and successes that a person might be experiencing.


February 10, 2023
Christina Pinto, DO

Christina Pinto, DO, is board certified in family medicine and serves patients in our Telehealth department.

Christina said her purpose and passion is fueled by her love of humans and her deep desire to help those in need. She wanted to be a doctor since she was very young and thought being a doctor would allow her to care for people in the most basic and useful way. She practices with her heart and will do everything she can to take care of a patient in the best way possible and will always have their best interest in mind.

She chose to work at a community health center as she felt she was able to make more of an impact on people who have nowhere else to go and give them the best care possible.

Dr. Pinto’s key message to her patients is “If you take care of your body you will give it the best shot to take care of you. Have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get outside, and get sufficient sleep. Moderate the unhealthy things. Every day is a new day so if yesterday wasn’t your best, wake up and make today better. I will be here if you need me to ensure you have the resources you need to get and stay on track.”

When Christina is not at work she is with her spouse and three kids doing anything and everything they can that is fun together. She loves to travel, go camping, play games, hike, paddle board, go to zoos, and play at parks. She also has a passion for running and road races. She loves to be active and outdoors. She said would practice medicine outside if she could!

Dr. Pinto speaks and understands some Spanish.

She was on the track and field team for Fresno State competing in the discus and hammer. Her favorite was the hammer and once got a silver medal in the Israeli national championships for that event.


March 21, 2023

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After practicing neurology around the country for twenty years, Dr. Theriot returned to his home state of Louisiana to start a private practice focused on expanding access to care through telemedicine and video conferencing. After graduating from medical school at the University of California, San Diego, and completing neurology residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Dr. Theriot served as the medical director of a brain injury rehabilitation program near Houston, Texas, for ten years.

More recently, he has served as an attending neurologist at an outpatient multi-specialty center in southern California. He has experience diagnosing and treating neuropathy, epilepsy, stroke, dementia, headaches, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, and cognitive impairment from all causes.

He feels the key to a good visit is careful and compassionate listening. For more complex conditions, close follow-up is often warranted, so that progress can be made incrementally. He recognizes that medications are only one aspect of treatment and should be considered against the full spectrum of approaches, including non-pharmaceutical approaches, where appropriate. When a medication is suspected of causing or worsening a symptom, a discontinuation trial may be necessary to determine if a side effect occurs.

Dr. Theriot is an avid kayaker and an outspoken advocate for nature conservation. As contributing writer and photographer for St. Martin Parish, he brings awareness to the rich natural and cultural resources of the bayou country he is proud to call home.

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