It’s National Hydration Day – The Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

June 23, 2021

We’ve all heard it, “try drinking more water, and “You should drink 8 glasses of water per day.” What exactly are the reasons behind those suggestions? Since June 23rd is National Hydration Day, we thought we’d pour out the details to give you a refreshing splash of helpful details that will quench your thirst for information on staying healthy. Okay, we know… let’s turn off the flow of water puns and just dive right in. 

According to’s 7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water – while there is little science to support the familiar tips mentioned above, the following are 4 of the health benefits of drinking water supported by evidence.

1. Helps maximize physical performance

Dehydration is more serious than many of us realize. Just a 2% reduction in your body’s water can lower your blood pressure, affect your breathing, cause nausea or pain and may affect your heart, brain and more.

2. Significantly affects energy levels and brain function

Even mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1–3%) can drop your energy levels, change your mood, and can lead to poor memory and decreased brain performance.

3. May help prevent and treat headaches

Studies show that getting headaches can be a tell-tale sign of dehydration. Drinking water may help reduce headache symptoms and can aid in reducing migraines.

4. Can aid weight loss

In 2013, a smaller study of 50 younger, overweight women showed that drinking an additional 16.9 ounces (500 mL) of water, 3 times per day, before meals, over an 8-week period led to significant loss of body weight and body fat compared with their pre-study measurements.

To wrap up, please try to get more water every day, even if you make it your personal goal of 64 ounces (1.9 liters) or a different amount. Avoiding dehydration and taking care of your body, heart and mind are some of the best things you can do to improve and maintain good, overall health.


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