Dental Services

The Dental Department has offices in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.  CHC Dental is the provider of choice for patient populations in both counties.

smile-family        San Luis Obispo County         Santa Barbara County

The Dental Department, utilizing our mobile dental van emphasizes the “community” in “Community Health Centers,” delivering dental services from sealants to extractions to outlying areas of both counties from San Miguel to Lompoc. The original 1997 mobile van has been replaced with a state-of-the-art mobile dental clinic that will continue to bring oral health services and the spirit of CHC to those who have not been able to access regular dental care.

Following the mantra, Three is Too Late, CHC physicians and dentists have joined to be leaders of prevention in oral health. The first to implement the First Smiles Program of the California First Five Commission and the California Dental Association, CHC Dental has brought assessment, education and fluoride varnish treatments to children at the time when they are the most vulnerable.  CHC’s dedication to access to care has been recognized by local government leaders, resulting in CHC being asked to provide a plan to bring oral health care to all children in our service area.